sunnuntai 19. heinäkuuta 2015

Turing-Phone and Phone Design

Rumin puhelin piiiitkään aikaan. Vaikka ihan khuul tuo käyttöjärjestelmän graafinen kikka, jossa nuo palkit kääntyy hienosti, näyttää laite muutoin 70-lukulaiselta partakoneelta. Ja sellaiseksikin vielä huomattavan rumalta.

* * * * * * * * * *

What a ..mostly hideous ugmo !! It looks like a 1970´s electric shaver. Although the turning beams graphic thingy is pretty neat.

But anyway, to Samsung and ...everyone else too; make-better-fucking-phones !!
And better looking !!

And what´s with this shit about the Galaxy S6 Active being only released in the Kwa ?!?!? (Amerikwa) ...W  T  F  ?!!?? Samsung ?!?? And the S6 as such is just ....pretty boring, even if at the same time very, very beautiful, but it just lacks soul and that "something".

Samsung ffs !! I don´t WANT a fuckin iPhone or any other "oh look at mii ! i´m a brainless zombie! " type of phone... but!! i also don´t WANT the shit you keep on giving.
It´s nice and neat and blaaah.

Jeeeeeeeeeeeeesus Fuck ppl  !!!!!!!!!!

At least: TRYYYY !!!!!

You are ALL (!!!!) falling behind. You are ALL boring the fucking shit outta mii.

Apple: FUCK YOU !! i HATE you and every-tasteless-thing about you, and i HATE your (thank fuck!) DEAD Boss.

Samsung: just... blaah. Nice, and no doubt functional and beautiful but also sooo soo boring. And FYI; i don´t like the idea of following the soulless Apple. FUCK their desing and fuck THEM !

HTC: ...mmm..yeaaahh....i dunno..... looks O.K and has nice speakers i guess (have read) but still no. Still very flat and dull and "wtf ? nigga WTF is ´HTC´ ?!?!"

LG: serious ? ...hahhaaa... "LG" ...haha aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa... why u try man ?! Well... kay, o-kay, i´ll give ya this: the G4 is KINDA cool and i actually seem to LIKE (!!) the leathery weirdness of it but it is STILL AN LG FOR FUCKS SAKES !!!!!   El Zii !!!
Ain´t nobody like "ay´yo ! lemme git 1 of dem LGs´ ..ite ?!"  it´s STILL a CHEAP fucking BRAND !! (for Mii anyway.)

And if there exists some, any, others.. then ur fukked !! And : nobody really (probably) cares.
Just make VCR´s and radios and SHIT.  And yaselves scarce from the "Smartphone Markets"... ite ?!

And man ! P.s         Fuck Windows !!

Mii & Apple ppl.

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