lauantai 28. joulukuuta 2013

Tex Arcane & Censorship !

This one goes out to ya´ll Anglophone / Anglo Mo´fockers / Motherfuckers / Mouffakas / Muthafuckas / Muthafukkers etc. etc. who are always praising Texas Arcane "because he does not censor ppl !!!". Doesn´t fucking ass!!.

He fucking censors bitches!! ya better believe dat shit!!.

He censored my fucking ass, a relatively loong´ish time ago, and thus i stopped commenting and am still "in the nit" about it!. I´ll never forgive that fucking fossil! for censoring me!.

So no, he is not above censorship no matter what fucking super-human he supposedly is!. What he IS, is a censoring mofo!!.

I called him, verbatim, "a homohating asshole!!" and enlightened him, that "homo-phobia" is not a "superior" but infact "inferior" personality trait / -feature. And puff!! there went me comment! out the cybernetic window!! into the nothingness like last years "idols"winner.

I am very very disappointed in Tex and most likely will not comment anymore, ....ever!!.
So,....yea.... take that!! beyoootch !.

So: **** *** Tex !!

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