maanantai 10. lokakuuta 2016

Indovittupäät Demonit (taas!)

Jaha, ja indo-apinala iskee jälleen !

Ei vittu mikä super-persläpi tuo vitun MUSLIMIpaskamaa on.
Oksettava paikka.

What a piece of fucking MUSLIM SHIT you are Indonesia !
You oughta be bombed !! And if i was the actual leader of an actual "armed force" i ´d destroy the fucking muslim-commie-stoneage savage-monkeyshit righ out of ya !
You can believe THAT !!

America ahoyyy !?!?... why don´t you bomb THAT fucking shithole ?!?! INDONESIA !?
It´s more ruthless and primitive and supercommunistic and hellish than ...America and Afganistan...................put together !

Can´t your "secret service" or C.I.A or ...the Navy fucking Seals or some such, actually fucking DO anything ? like...EVER ?!?!
You COULD, theoretically, sneak into ..say.........the Northern most Korea, and KILL that fat fuck over there? and / or go to ===> Indo-monkey-nesia and release the prisoners and maybe GIVE them some drugs and send them home !?

THAT would be the "American Thing" to do !! NOT support the local "Law / Order / Presidents and Politicians" and other such fucking demonic and imbesillic piles of manure.

Why does EVERYONE just sit with their goddamn fucking thumbs up their ass and let these fucking headhunter savages MURDER misc. people cos the misc. people have something called "drugs" on them ? Maybe an "ounce" or so.
It´s almost like the shithole in question would be ASKING FOR IT, beings MUSLIM and all. ASKING to be bombed, and seeing HOW LONG it takes whitey to wake the fuck up, put hippies out of their misery and fucking steamroll over these jurassic amoebas !

Hurry the hell / fuck, up, and select / elect the billionaire-business man with hideous, horrible, weird hair and get on with some actual fucking bombing !!
Or I will have to do it ffs !!!
I will have to invade these fucking steaming dungpiles called "jungles" if YOU fucking wont !

Someone has GOT to do it. Sooner or later.
And it WONT be Sweden ! You can bet on that !

Australia; you COULD think about joining in on THAT action ?! no ?
They have already killed..............who knows HOW MANY of you, those FUCKING INDONESIAN MUSLIM SUBMONKEYS.
They should live in fucking trees, not houses !
The forests´ oughtta be burned !


Indoapinala tulee TUHOTA, polttaa, jyrätä maantasalle. Räjäyttää paskaksi, alkaen kytistään ja presidenteistään yms paskakasoista.

Vittu mitä saastoja ! Vittu mitä oksettavia, MUSLIMI(!!!), elukoita !! Vittu mitä etovia imbesillejä ja totaalikontrolli luihuja !
Vittu mitä paskaa, lyhyemminsanottuna.


INDONESIA ====>   GO  TO HELL. Or go BACK there and STAY there.
You fucking demon-monkeys.

"Charlie" needs a fucking SERIOUS beating !

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