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Kommentti Äskeiseen Videoon

Tässä on äskeisen videon, Paven videon, yksi sangen pysäyttävä kommentti ja KANNATTAA LUKEA !!!!

LUKEKAA SE, ja se tulisi joka vitun vinpään kommunistin ja kaikkien "Monikultturisti" paskojen lukea EHDOTTOMASTI, ja joka Saatanan  VITUN "Poliitikon" kusiruutan !!!

Tässä on vähän tilanteeseen jotain SELKOA, ilmeisesti Amerikkalaissotilaalta.

" In 1992 I was deployed to Somalia10 years prior to that it was a vacation spot, it had a government with a moderate economy. It had a university for higher education. 

I spoke to a man outside of Byaddoya that was a professor there at one time. I asked him what happened. 

"A group came over and started building Mosques everywhere. They took in the poor and disenfranchised ☭, a lot of the troubled kids... We thought this was a good thing... It was not." he told me. 

"They taught them how to hate... Hate everyone not from their new group. Problems got worse. Violence grew until the government was gone, trade and visitors were gone, the University was closed." this last was particularly painful to him. 

"Then the food got less and less until there was famine. This group had the guns, so they controlled the food. If you did not join, you would starve. I moved back to where my family was from because I did not want to join with these people. These people that would shoot you if you wanted food but would not join" he walked away, but a kid stayed behind. 

He was about 16 (5 years younger than I was at the time) and it turned out he was the son of the professor. "Please excuse my father" he said to me in English better than many native speakers back home. "My father remembers when our County was better than this. My mother was killed 2 years ago by these new people and their army. I am glad you're here. Maybe you can kill these bad men and Somalia can return to how my father remembers. This would be good." he smiled at me and ran off to catch up to his dad. 

This is one of the ways how I found out about the political machinations of Al-Qaeda. How they grew. How they manipulated. How they gained control of a region. 

Sow discord.
Weaken the government. 
Terrorize the people.
Then offer relief to those that join. 
This is how they gained control. 
After control, comes dominance. 
Submit or you will die when we choose. 

I was not happy when we were pulled out of there. I knew then, that we would only be fighting them later... And their strength would grow in the interim. 

I see a similar but more sophisticated strategy being played out across Europe

Governments are weakening and the pubic is suffering. How long will it be until the next step?... Or will the citizens look with honest eyes and force the government to fight this now, before it progresses

This is one of many stories I was told by the Somali people in my 6 months over there. It is one of many that I will never forget.

Edit: the people back home did not understand what was happening over there. They forced the government to pull us out to "save the troops" when all we wanted to do was engage the enemy and help the people over there. 

Learn from this... Or learn the hard way. For the citizens of Europe, this isn't happening "over there" this time. "

P.s tai "Edit". Tämä ei ole muuten mikään vitsi, vähimmässäkään määrin !!!! HUOM !! Tämä EI OLE sarkasmia tai liioittelua tai muutakaan sellaista; KATSOKAA mitä tuo sanoo ^ "Al Paskahuusista" ja korvatkaa se "Kokoomus" sanalla, ja katsokaa tunnetteko että se jotenkin muuttaisi asioita ja asiain tilaa sekä NYT että sitten kun tauti on edennyt tarpeeksi pitkälle.


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