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A Message To Hollywood About The Blade Runner Sequel

                                                                                        F  U  C K !!

Did i not tell ya; to NOT put a SINGLE nigger innit ?!?! Under ANY circumstances ?!?! For gods sakes you morons !!
Jeeeeesus Fucking Jewish Christ.

Lookit this fuck !....


... i mean.... LOOK at THAT ^^ !!!! ?? Fa Christs sakes. Does THAT ^^ look like something that is meant to be, and appear in, a Blade Runner movie ?
Or maybe more like something that just kinda plugged all-of-a-sudden-like from the fucking gutters of Sub-Somalia ?!

I mean.... i´m in a mild shock to tell you the truth. Like dem Brits after "Brexit". But THAT was good news, fantastic, this is ....pretty much it´s polar opposite. This is fucking horrible.
WHAT is that thing meant to BE in it actually ? A piss-drenched gutter dwelling, urine drinking, shit reeking, horseteeth....gogglyeyed ...motherfucker or sorts ? Or WHAT?


You SHOULD know, being Hollywood and all, that ONE of the "things" that makes the original so special, and especially NOWadays, is it´s "rarity" in the form of: pretty pure and exclusive WHITENESS.
And i´m not opposed the nigger, if it FITS the world or story or whateva, but you MUST realize that there is NOTHING, even remotely, RARE, about that fucking surprised and trepid frizzyhaired zombie in the picture.

Not that the cast in any way is very stellar in any case. Ryan FUCKING Gosling?.... Dude better fucking SHINE in it !! He better be Heath Ledger Joker good in it, ya hear.
The only GOOD choise so far is the Dutch bitch, Höek or Hoek.


The director looks like an orangutang btw.


I actually kinda LOVE the IDEA of this sequel, but look at this ...(i took the liberty of putting together this ...poster or sumthin)

It soooorta has that "Miserable Crap" or even "Crapola" feel to it, no ? That vibe and look.
Kinda like "The Scorpion King" or something like that. (THAT was mean !! sry.)

That Carla Juri i also like, and i GUESS that "Bautista" thing, is ....remotely human or workable or something.
Robin is a handsome beyooaattch, but IMHO not a BR-face.

But LOOK AT that FUCKING NIGGER in the middle !! Maaaan ! Hahahaaa...oooh boy..i mean Jesus Christ, even HE  himself, looks like "gghhhaaah?..wha.wha.whaaat ya say massah ?" - even HE knows he does not belong. Probably anywhere in fact.

Is that not the very DEFINITION of "misplaced" ?

He looks like he should be fisting a fucking goat somewhere, NOT be in a goddamn fucking Blade Runner movie !!

S H A M E     O N   Y O U  HOLLYWOOD "we loooove dem niggers" motherfukaz for filling the you-know-what quotient. Ffs.

But i am actually not ANGRY,  i´m just dissapointed.
I´m getting the "sub-bar" / b-movie / Terminator Genisys-tem-shell-schock-avenue-Zzz feeling.
This MIGHT be horrible, is the point.

And even Harrison.... ... i mean is he OLD or WHAT ?
He should probably be in a nursing home or coffin, also NOT in a BR movie.

In Bona Fide, though.


And hay! Talking about the Blade Runner Sequel, WHO in the actual FUCK, is going to do or "curate" the soundtrack ?

Don´t even fucking THINK about any of those Hollywood-Niggers, you know the type, the "Samurai" in the "Californication" type. NOT that.
Just ask Vangelis, if indeed he know, LIVES, at the moment.


DON´T film this in Somalia.
DON´t make it some fucking cheesy, plastic, supafishall ya´ll, CGI-fuckery or any other type of Modern Hollywood Dogshit. (I made that up! [don´t steal it!])

Hire some one GOOD !

Git Good.

Maybe, baby, J-Law ?

Make it wistful, sad´ish, beautiful, as deep as you can anymore.
Make it stylish to the point of being TOO stylish !
Remember that the original is almost entirely only these 3 things: atmosphere, music and visual beauty.

TRY to achieve at least HALF of "The Hunger Games" in ANY field. I mean the WHOLE thing, all 4 movies.
THAT should be the aim.

Keep Ed-James-Olmostbearable fucking FAAAAAR AWAY from this. He is amongst the most ridiculous features of the original anyway.
(In fact: just PUNCH him if ya see him, cos...fuck him. And "why not" ?)

And for gods´sakes: do NOT do this "for the kids" !!! The kids are NOT alright, they´re idiots without taste !

Or could still maybe just back down and not do the whole fucking thing at all...?.....just sayin..

If nothing else seems to work; make A BIT more actionpacked / action.... based.

DO  NOT  try to remake or recapture ANYTHING from the original, for you WILL fucking FAIL ! AAAND faceplant, big time !

OH MA GAWD !! Jesus Christ ! You know what? I just though of something beyond HORRIBLE; what that fucking flagpole-poster thing looks like, is actually the fucking Knight Rider 2000-version !!
Oh dear fucking god..... oh jeeeeeee-heeeesus Christ... oh mah boy, no. Juust goddamn fucking NO.
Don´t let THAT be !! Hay !
Ya hear !?...Fucking DON´T !

Also, do NOT drink from the toilet !
But that´s beside the point.

Maybe put a CAT in this ? I like ´em and it fits. All that artistry. No ?

Indeed it fits. And you know what they "say" ? "If it fits, i sits". So....

DON´T bash Trump in it.
DON´T make it "Political" in any way, shape or even form really.
DON´t put ANY "rap songs" in the soundtrack, or ANY fucking modern ..."Linking-Bizkit-Skrillex-Ahaaaw Yeeeaah-Whazzaap" ...stuff, in it.

Make EVERYTHING ya can, IRL. Fysically, oh excuse moi, "physically". Since you Americunt FUCKS can´t be bothered to use the Fucking F for you know...."F" !!!! But "ph". For "f" that is.

Vote for Trump maybe ?
And put the fat, female rodent behind bars? No ?

Put some SNOW in it ? Winter scenes and "vistas". And i mean, film the actual fucking WINTER / snow / ice and shit !!
NOT some bull / horse -shit studio dust, and makeshift snow TYPE of powder.

Just snow. It´s among the things that White People Like. SWPL.

Know that you are MOSTLY making this for Whites anyway. It´s not like the real crowd for this is in say...Africa, or the Maledives or even in the Orient. It´s where ever WE are, White People.
Let it fucking show ya pussies !!!
No body gives a fucking fuck anyway. The Lefty-Hippies and Kikes will get annoyed at everything ANYWAY.
If it fucking RAINS they get angry, if a cat crosses the road, they get angry AND blame you for it. If something is wrong or too right, they get angry. Lunatics CAN NOT be pleased, so don´t even try.

"Bomb The Hippies!"

                                                                                           * - * - * - * - * - * - *

And there ya have it i guess. Mostly.

You might also do well to somehow...."neutralize" Adam Sandler. Please.
He can, i´m sure, just be thrown down from a REALLY fucking high building, OR tossed in to a shredder of some type. Maybe even film him fighting a lion and bam! a new MGM logo for ya, right there !
A Modern one, a moving one! A  .GIF  ffs.

Concentrate and make this work or just stop the presses and run. Behind the horizon.
(AND erase Adam from existence.)

Make It So.

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