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"Dear" Cracked...

Katsokaapa TÄTÄ paskaa !! ..... *sanattomuutta*..........

Look at THIS shit !!

This was so fucking brainlessly stupid niggerloving hogshit that i had to log-in just to say that !!!
Jeeeeesus fucking Christ how fucking imbescillic and stupid and mindless and anti-reality can ya fucking Professional bullies and other fucking Lefties shitholes really be ?!?!!?!

So think that somewhere there IS indeed (hahahahaa AAHAHa haahahahaaa !!) a nigger GENIUS ?!?!? AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaa.... ooohohohohooooo...boy...ooh my fucking god.
Whigga...shoot yourselves ?! O.K ? ... pls ? pletty plz ?

"You have to keep doing that work because (we Lefties SAY SO!! fucking Hoi Polloi mule !)there are still all sorts of imbalances that need correcting. Right now, there's some toddler with a brain capable of curing cancer, and we're never going to know because he was born in inner-city Detroit, and he's going to go to a bullshit school and grow up with no positive role models. And the moment he commits a misdemeanor as a teenager, society is going to declare him a lost cause and flush him away."

( Also that ridiculous shit above ^ just shows that even YOU just KNOW that a nigger WILL, at some point, do something evil, wrong, criminal, asshole´ish etc. )

Ahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa !! Oooh man..... well of course; you ARE a "humour website" (or is it without the "u" in Yankeeville?) so i shouldn´t take you so seriously?... *teeheeheee*.... but still... even for mindsick lefties, THAT is a fucking laughable mess !! HAHAahah jjjeeeeeeeesus christ.

A fucking Detroi-nigger ....curing...*laughing* !!?!!?!?



Anglo-Saxons: F U C K     Y O U !!    Ya´ll have lost even that little, you ever had left of ya mind.

You guys are scary stupid !!

And hey, Cracked fuckers (who probly ARE in fact on crack) : don´t cha EVER say to ME that i don´t have a personality just because you fucking lefties, asshole, hipster, piece-of-useless-shits are  die hard commie sacks of shit, that can´t be told apart from the countless billions of similar simians and other fucking lunatic idiots !!
I DO in fact have a personality, but you don´t. And i´m glad you are starting to realise that.
It´s great if you now, finally, are nearing the point where you get it! that: hahaayyy! ...fucking...stupid..idiot !? ...heheey ! well whadda ya know !!?

Jeeeeeeesus motherfucking jew-christ this was a stupid fucking agitator commie shit of an artickle !!
Whiggas: kill yourself !! pppllllzzzzzzzzzz.

I know ! i know ! i know ya´ll communist, collectivist, numbskull, marching ants, don´t reeeaally have what one might call a "personality" but don´t go around claiming that, "ay yo, yo...ya´ll ? ain´t none of ya´ll got no per-soon-ality cos imma gonna say soh ? ite?  ..n cos i don´t like it n cos i don´t have it can´t have it ! ite ? "

(Perfect nigger logic [communism in other words] )

You fucking Agitprop continues...*vomit, vomit, vomit*......

"Blacks are still stuck in neighborhoods with terrible schools and no job opportunities where they're being groomed for a lifetime in the corrections system. Women who want to get jobs as software engineers will find themselves in offices that are 84 percent male."

So.... meanwhile in REALITY: niggers are indeed stuck in the hellholes and apocalyptic and idiotic messes and scenes THEY   FUCKING   C R E A T E !!!!

And women are simply; usually not worth a fucking SHIT in anything that requires any fucking brain or AN  I.Q  AT  FUCKING  ALL or for that matter, a fucking pulse !!! Fa christs sakes.
Goddamn you people are S T O O P I D !! To an actually dangerous extent.
But just keep inhaling each others farts and licking your own collectivistic turds and shiiiit, know what i´m sayin ? ..and eventually... damn, it´ll come fucking REAL !! And then, you can just "keep it real" you know ?! Ain´t THAT nice ?

( It must REALLY suck to have to live in a fucking circus of a country, where there are nuthin but niggers and mehiicans and indians and actual indians and all the brown things, everywhere. It must resemble the lives of zoo-animals, unable to escape the fucking nightmare and thus trying DESPERATELY to find a fucking upside from amongst all that..shall we say "Jazz" ? I pity ya fools. I kinda really do [but not like... REALLY...] )

Anyway... "race..a social construct.."....ahahahaahaaa.... have ya been licking frogs again ?! Or ...can someone like..actually BE that fucking far gone IRL  ?!?!?!!? Guys ?!? W T actual fuck ?

And again: don´t you fucking totalitarian dipshit commie asshole, tell me that "i don´t even exist...really.but as a piece of a larger ...blablabla.." !
Even for beings like you, THAT is fucking vile and stupid in the extreme !! E X T R E M E.

I know that it´s every Lefties / commies dream to be only a small squeaky part in a larger hellmachine, like a Government or the Pigs for example. Anything that gives you power really. I know it is your "thing" to submit. But i got an idea ! instead of trying to destroy white mens lands and way of existing (which you will never be able to do in any case, you´ll be crushed) ...why not...just MOVE to North-Korea or Somalia or any of the wonderlands of nigger and non-white intelligence and understanding and oh! "equality" !! hahahahaaa !! equality... oooh boy, that always gets mii.

Since you so love it and them, why do you NOT live with them !? And YOU KNOW it´s a fucking, damn good question !!

Dayum !! look at all that ehqwalitee n shiiit !

That ...fucking..thing, right there ^^ (above you fucking idiot!) is in your, no-doubt, "educated" opinion: equal with white ?!

Do you not see the ridiculousness of your own crazy shit ? Do you understand at fucking all what you write, you fucking annoying little shits ?

Jeesus god, i wish the fucking vile animals known as Ruskies, would attack and invade you..right..abooouut...NOW ! It might shock some of you awake, back into reality.

* * * * *

"David Wong" ?!... shouldn´t it say "David Wrong" ?! should fix at least that. Ffs.

Aaand FYI, you look like the typical, hybris dwelling, sniveling, smug little fucking rat, that most most lefties always look like.
And yeah ! i know ! it must have been a real fucking bummer to grow up without a personality, seeing how SOME other kids had one. The world is truly not fair.
And all men are totally NOT "created equal".

You belong in an insane asylum. NOT writing "articles" online.

Jeesus Christ, some-one grab that loon and whisk him away, into a loonybin and really-fucking-fast like.

* * * * *

And to ya´ll Leftie fuckers and other belzebubian fucking nightmares and abominations: your time Is already up and over. Even the fucking Zeitgeist is sick of your childish and idiotic shit, and has passed you by.

Good fucking riddance ya fucking cunts !!

( don´t let the gates of HELL hit you on your way in )

P.s THIS is one reason, most mules / gnus´ don´t indeed really need that pesky "freedom of speech" cos you got absolutely nothing to say. Except washed-up and dangerously stupid clishes and some crazy hippie horseshit and Nazi and other Extreme Left  agitprop shit. Just ...shut the fuck up and just sit indoors, or in the box you live in (under a bridge?) and you know... never actually SAY anything, ever again.
Deal ?!

God, what a fucking moron. A true "American  Idiot".

Be PROUD mah son, be proud ! And look smug and arrogant, you know, like a typical iPhone Leftie.. yea ! just like that ! Good.

Some of those Nigger Geniuses. Pic from Live Leak comments.

P.s 2 This git doing the Leftie-lecturing is NOT white and does NOT represent us actual white ppl in any-fucking-way except in his very, truly, really, delusional and woefully dumb, head.
(To you all browns and "blacks" and other..."others".)

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