sunnuntai 24. helmikuuta 2013

Per Looks

Helou helou.

Olen jo  vanhan (Guuglentuhoaman) Blogini myötä, ´käsitellytkin´ tätä ilmiötä. Mutta aattelin silti uusia ´käsittelyni´  sillä kyseinen ilmiö, on mitä ravisuttavin !.

For any foreign reader a disclaimer and / or warning, what you´re going to see, if you check out my link may severely traumatize you !!. It´s quite simply the most hideous, ugly, obnoxious, borderline weird -Morlocks, ugmos and the ´just plain fucking disgusting´in a nutshell. I as a Finn am at loss, as to where in the fucking-hell do they find beings this monstrous, almost insultingly ugly !?. 
And if you have ever, for even a second doubted that we are indeed from an Alien test-tube, a mischling mix-breed monkey freak, ....well doubt no more !.

Some of these guys (if indeed they are ´guys´) look like someone once upon a time fucked a bulldog, or a bullfrog and the offspring drank some contaminated water, and ==> BäNG !! This is what you get......


Some of them look like a Neanderthal  (sry Tex Arcane) with down-syndrome, that someone tried to club to death and just gave up and left. And these are all unfortunately, very very real. They may look like some kind of clown suits, and bad make-up, or Photoshopped weirdos, but theyd B-real.

This is a Gallery, displaying our "True Finns" -party supporters / members, and it caused something of a stir here. And no bloody wonder !. People were accusing the maker of this Gallery (who ever they may be) of hate, slander and whatnot, but wether it´s made in bona or mala -fide, the fact is that you just can´t produce a Gallery featuring these gargoyles, without it seeming hostile, like an insult. You may want to be blinded after this, and i can´t blame you !!. "Enjoy!".

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